Personal & Corporate Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool for overcoming roadblocks and ensuring we’re walking the right path. I provide both life coaching and corporate coaching sessions to help individuals and teams unlock their potential.

Personal Coaching

We all face obstacles in our lives. Periods of stagnancy, stress, or even confusion over the best path to take. Despite what these experiences may feel like internally, these are valuable opportunities for growth and for redefining our lives. Whether you are ready to enhance your professional life, your personal life, your health, or all of the above, I am here for you.

Life Coaching Tailored to Your Vision

The truth is, your challenges, experiences, and dreams are totally unique to you. And that’s why effective coaching is an individualised process. To ensure you benefit from each coaching session, I adapt our time together to where you are in the moment whilst maintaining the integrity of your journey.

Each session serves as a safe place where you can put the outside world on pause and be entirely present. You’ll benefit from having a professional coach with a background in Lifestyle Medicine and mental health actively listening to your thoughts, frustrations, hopes and dreams.

Together, you and I will gain an objective view of who you are, thereby empowering you to understand the steps you can take to redesign your world, your place in it, and your relationship with it.

What Are Personalised Coaching Sessions Like?

Through coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to see yourself and to view the context of your life in an unbiased way. It’s through this objective self-acceptance that you can move forward, sometimes quite fast.

This is where personalised coaching can be incredibly empowering. As you start to see your life shift, you won’t just have fleeting moments of life’s brilliance – you’ll start to feel more empowered and confident in your day-to-day life.

During our coaching sessions, you’ll gain insights such as:

  • An understanding of past patterns of thinking or responses that you never recognised before

  • Realisations on how you have actively contributed to your situation – understanding how we shape our reality is both confronting and liberating

  • Different options or opportunities, which weren’t evident before, may become clear as you expand your way of thinking

Seeking a Purposeful Life Through Right Intent

Imagine living a purposeful life, living moment by moment immersed in love for self and others. This is possible! The problem is, many of us are carrying around so much baggage – opinions, doubts, unconscious habits and thought patterns – that are getting in the way.

Through coaching, I’ll help you break down some of your barriers so you can recover your innate adaptability and resilience.

We’ll also focus on mindset, and you’ll learn to tap into the infinite potential it offers. This is where you use the most powerful tool we as human beings have – the power of the mind – to create the changes you want.

We can also look at the ways stress impacts your life. Whether it manifests as an inability to move forward or a lack of clarity surrounding your goals, we’ll identify what you can do to let go of habits that aren’t serving you and replace them with those that empower you to make your vision a reality faster.

As you expand your self-awareness, let go of the unessential and make room for life’s brilliance, you’ll find that not only is your life fuller and more meaningful, it’s also easier and more enjoyable.

Let’s Connect

I offer personalised coaching sessions in person, over the phone, or online using Zoom. Whilst I’m based in Melbourne, I work with clients all over the world.

If you prefer personalised coaching in a different setting, consider my Walk and Talk Sessions, which are available in South East Melbourne and Bayside.

Let’s make a time to chat so you can discover if personalised coaching is right for you.

Book in your free 15-minute exploratory call to see if we’re a good fit, and then we will set up a time for your first coaching session. The initial call is 15 minutes only.

Corporate Coaching

Do you know your employees are capable of more but are unsure how to support them? Corporate coaching can energise your staff and drive a culture shift that will yield a lasting competitive advantage.

Having spent half of my working life in a corporate setting and half in healthcare, I understand the immense value of combining the best of these two worlds to drive better outcomes, both for employers and employees.

By integrating the proactive approach of general practice and the practical solutions offered by Lifestyle Medicine with the collaborative spirit found in corporate work, I can help management and staff reach their potential – which can lift your organisation to the next level.

In my work as a corporate coach, I offer mindset coaching for groups and individuals as well as health promotion and education through training, speaking, coaching, and mentoring.

How My Corporate Coaching Services Can Help Your Company

The reality is, one in four adults struggle with anxiety, depression, or both. Also, the majority of people lose focus when they feel stressed or burned out. Without solutions to these problems and the right work culture, mental health will always limit your team’s potential.

By authentically addressing wellness, however, you can help all of your employees be the best they can be. My aim is to increase resilience and adaptability, so your company as a whole can thrive.

Many corporate coaching services only go through the motions, which doesn’t achieve a sustainable difference. The truth is, your organisation won’t achieve lasting results for your employees or your bottom line with a cookie-cutter wellness program – healthy snacks in the break room and fitness balls won’t cut it.

If you want to experience a real competitive advantage, I can help.

I offer a completely customised service that addresses your work culture, employee demographics, and business goals. I can provide:

  • Self-development coaching for individuals: I work individually with high performers who are ready to reach the next level, as well as employees who may benefit from motivational work and resilience training.
  • Group-based coaching sessions: Group work is ideal if you’re looking for a solution to workplace stagnancy, slowing productivity, or a lack of creativity and innovation company-wide.
  • Health promotion and literacy: I will work with your organisation to create a tailored wellbeing strategy and health education programme.
  • Wellness mentoring and support: Ensuring everyone feels supported is essential to cultivating a positive work culture. I use Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) and Lifestyle Medicine to empower employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

The Connection Between General Practice and Corporate Wellness

As a General Practitioner (GP), I am not here to serve as your employees’ physician. What my GP background offers, however, can be pivotal for your organisation.

Mental Health Guidance and Support

As a GP, I understand how psychological and social factors interplay with an individual’s health and wellbeing. I can be a source of expert health knowledge as well as a mental health resource for your employees. Instead of suffering or being at risk of burnout, I can teach your employees to identify signs that they may need help. I will also show them all the myriad resources that are available in Australia, as well as how to access this support.

Health Promotion and Education

I can also offer speaking and health coaching services at your organisation. I can ensure your employees know:

  • What preventative health is, why it’s vital, and how they can use it to increase their physical and mental wellbeing
  • What screening programs are available to them
  • What the full scope of primary healthcare is and how best to access this to support them holistically

Employee Wellbeing Is the Foundation of a Healthy Business Ecosystem

When wellbeing is a priority, your organisation will be able to attract and retain talented individuals. When people are excited about the work they do, there are no limits.

Give your organisation a true competitive advantage. As a coach, mental health counsellor, and Lifestyle Medicine practitioner, I can help bring about the shift your company is looking for.

Let’s get started.

Contact me today to set up a free exploratory call. During our call, you will learn more about what I can do for your company, and you can also book your first corporate coaching session.

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