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Stress, burnout, grief, uncertainty. There are so many heavy emotions and experiences we often feel obligated to carry with us. These can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

When left untreated, they can become chronic. A burden we take on even though it’s impacting our relationships, career, and health.

For those struggling with common mental health issues, I can help.

At Redefining Health, I combine my experience as a General Practitioner with my training in Lifestyle Medicine and mental health to help patients move beyond the unique challenges they are facing.

I understand how difficult it can be to manage your wellbeing in the complex world we live in. As a GP for over five years and a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine practitioner with a focus on mental health, I can offer you tools that enable you to move from where you are today to where you want to be mentally and emotionally.

I use Lifestyle Medicine, Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS), and evidence-based modalities that I believe will help the individual, guiding my clients on their path to better living.

Life can become overwhelming for anyone. If you’re struggling, reach out.

How I Can Help

One in six Australians is currently experiencing depression, anxiety, or both. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for mental health support has increased, prompting the Australian Government to expand the scope of the Better Access initiative, so it’s easier for individuals to get the help they need.

As a licensed GP, a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine practitioner, and a registered provider of FPS, I offer counselling sessions, lifestyle coaching, and evidence-based therapy. I can create a bespoke mental health treatment plan designed to support your unique journey. I work directly with patients suffering from common mental health issues and those who want to take a proactive approach to their psychological wellbeing.

Whether it’s excessive stress, a loss of direction or you feel like life has gotten out of control, getting support is the first step toward a brighter future.

Lifestyle Medicine

The way we move through each day has a huge impact on our mental health: what you eat and how often you spend time in nature, exercise, and connect with friends and loved ones. All of these factors play a role in how we feel and perceive the world around us.

The problem is, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to navigate modern life in a way that best serves our wellbeing. Poor habits, not having the right tools or resources, and simply not know where to make worthwhile changes can stop you from moving forward in your life.

This only exacerbates problems such as feeling stressed and anxious, depressed, and having a general sense of malaise about the world and your place in it, making it even harder to break out from a negative cycle.

Lifestyle Medicine aims to treat the root causes of disease, whether it’s being used for physical health or mental health issues. As a certified practitioner, I am both a medical expert and lifestyle coach, and I’ll act as your guide and therapist.

During our sessions together, I’ll learn about any struggles you are dealing with – both internal and external – so I can develop a personalised plan that integrates lifestyle changes with evidence-based modalities. Using tools for stress management, physical activity, and nutritional changes, as well as complementary therapies, my goal is to help you achieve a more positive mental state, increased connectedness, and a sense of inner wellness and strength that you can draw upon for all of life’s ups and downs.

With Lifestyle Medicine, my patients can gain control of their health. You may also feel more motivated, energised, and clear on what you want out of life.

Mental Health Counselling

I have completed Mental Health Skills Training (MHST) and Focussed Psychological Strategies Skills Training (FPS ST) and can provide specific mental health care treatments that have been proven effective for common issues such as anxiety and depression. While these therapies can be used alone, I often use them in conjunction with Lifestyle Medicine.

Whether you’re going through a period of stress and anxiety triggered by a life event or you’re struggling with chronic mental health issues, connect with me today so we can chat. I offer the following counselling services:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

When negative or irrational thoughts influence our emotions, it can feel like positive experiences such as joy, closeness, and clarity are out of reach. This makes it difficult to enjoy life, let alone to feel okay.

I use cognitive behaviour therapy to help my patients identify what thoughts and behaviours aren’t working for their greatest good and work with them to develop new mental, emotional, and behavioural patterns.

CBT is a wonderful healing modality for anyone suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other mental health issues. However, you don’t need to have a mental health disorder to benefit. CBT is also helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to better manage stress and create healthier habits that lead to a more fulfilling life.

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

The healthier our relationships are, the more confidence we’re going to have, and the more supported we feel. But, managing interpersonal relationships isn’t easy for anyone, at least not all the time, and trouble in this area can be a direct cause of distress and mental health issues.

As part of my medical practice, I use Interpersonal Therapy to help my patients recognise where patterns within relationships aren’t serving them. We look at how problems can trigger a range of difficult emotions and explore better ways to communicate, connect, and relate with others.

Whether you’re struggling with boundary issues or interpersonal disputes are causing distress, IPT is a useful treatment. Through IPT, you’ll also develop skills that you can use throughout life to engage in healthy and meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life.

Narrative Therapy

A type of therapy developed in the 1980s, narrative therapy can empower you to gain greater mastery over your experiences. It looks at your role in the story of your life and explores the different ways people will perceive the same events.

Whether you are looking for ways to cope with a tragic event or want to learn more about how your beliefs impact your experiences, narrative therapy can help.

Motivational Interviewing

Another relatively new type of psychotherapy, motivational interviewing aims to uncover internal blocks to change. Whether you need help overcoming negative habits or feel stuck in an unfulfilling cycle, motivational interviewing can enable you to move forward.

I use this type of therapy to empower my patients, often as a complement to other FPS techniques. One of the main advantages of motivational interviewing is that it shows you how capable you truly are. Many of us are held back by an innate lack of confidence, which can manifest as ambivalence. Motivational interviewing helps you take your power back.

Mental Health Therapies Focussed on You

When it comes to treating mental health issues, everyone is different. There is no single solution, nor do any two individuals experience a set of circumstances in the same way. That’s why I take a personal approach when treating patients.

As a lifestyle coach, mental health therapist, and long-time GP, I bring all of my knowledge and experience together to create a tailored mental health plan for you. Then, we’ll work together so you can achieve the inner peace, personal autonomy, and joy you deserve.

Is Redefining Health Right for You?

I view psychotherapy and lifestyle coaching as collaborative activities. I can guide you, equip you with the right tools, and set you on a path toward fulfilment, but it’s up to you to take the journey.

My mental health services are designed to help adults who are motivated to improve their health through lifestyle medicine and coaching, as well as those who are interested in taking a proactive approach to mental health to reap the rewards of a sound mind, greater self-awareness, and sophisticated interpersonal skills.

Getting Started

I am available for 30-minute and one-hour sessions in person and online. My hourly rate is $275. Currently, I offer mental health services on Tuesdays and am happy to work with you on an ongoing or short-term basis.

Patients referred by their GP for mental health services can apply their Better Access initiative Medicare rebate. There’s nothing more valuable than mental health and nothing more powerful than an empowered state of mind. Book your 15-minute discovery call online today, and let’s chat.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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