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Mental Heath Services

Services General Practice Mental Health Services Lifestyle medicine for your mental health Treatment under a mental health care plan You do deserve mental health Let me help you on your journey to a more meaningful life Stress, burnout, grief, uncertainty. There are so many heavy emotions and experiences we often feel obligated to carry with […]

Corporate Coaching

Services Do you know your employees are capable of more but are unsure how to support them? Corporate coaching can energise your staff and drive a culture shift that will yield a lasting competitive advantage. Having spent half of my working life in a corporate setting and half in healthcare, I understand the immense value […]

Walk and Talk Sessions

Services Let’s walk and talk together in a place that speaks to you. This outdoor coaching service is both invigorating and relaxing. When we are in an environment that allows us to feel inspired, we can be at peace with ourselves. It is in this state that we can easily uncover what we’re seeking. This […]

Personal & Corporate Coaching

Services Personal & Corporate Coaching Personal Coaching Feeling stuck? Burned out? Uncertain about how to transition from where you are now to your ideal? Personalised coaching can help you unlock your potential. We all face obstacles in our lives. Periods of stagnancy, stress, or even confusion over the best path to take. Despite what these […]

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