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Mental health is something a lot of us take for granted. Once we start to lose it – either because life becomes overwhelming or we take on emotions that are too heavy to shoulder alone – our health can begin to spiral downward.

Whatever you’re going through, whether it’s external challenges or inner turmoil, I can help. As a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine practitioner, long-time GP, and trained mental health counsellor, I can treat you as part of your mental health plan or as a proactive step to cultivate a more empowered state of mind.

Walking in nature is calming and grounding – it’s something I love. If you feel the same way, let’s walk and talk together.

During my walk and talk coaching sessions, we go beyond the constraints of four walls, moving through a relaxing environment where I can listen to your goals, and where we can comfortably discuss your journey and what may be limiting you.

We can explore your perspective and put your life back on track so it can be the meaningful experience it’s meant to be. Next to the ocean, through the park, or even a stroll through the botanical gardens – it’s up to you. I’m here to walk with you.

Moving ahead in both our personal and professional lives isn’t always easy. Not many adults have had the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to work through obstacles productively or to understand what they need to do to actually achieve their goals.

Through my personal coaching sessions, I help individuals interested in self-improvement and self-fulfilment become better versions of themselves. I also work with companies that need effective solutions for common problems in the corporate world, including burnout and work stress, collaboration struggles, and productivity plateaus.

With my background in mental health and Lifestyle Medicine, as well as my years as a GP, I offer a diverse toolkit of coaching services tailored to your or your company’s needs.

My mission is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself

Meet Kelly

I created Redefining Health with you in mind....

I want you to experience the life you’ve always dreamed of.

But I know a brand new life can feel hard to believe in.

The truth is, sometimes, life is brilliant. And then sometimes it isn’t. This ride can feel overwhelming and out of control. But here’s the thing: no matter how challenging circumstances appear, you are always in the driver’s seat.

You can steer your life in a better direction. You can even experience an amazing life – every day.

I already know it’s possible, and deep down, you do too.

If you’re scared, worried you’ll put yourself out there only to fail, or if you have a vision, even an inkling of a more fulfilling life, guess what? You are ready to redefine your life.

I started Redefining Health because I understand the immense potential we all have – and from my years spent in the corporate and medical worlds, I am also well-acquainted with all the myriad ways we can become stuck or lose our way. Life doesn’t have to be the confusing mess many of us find ourselves in after years of adulting.

I’m here to walk with you, to listen, and to provide the tools you need to shift your mindset and strengthen your resilience, so you are brimming with all that you need and more.

Let’s unravel your now and get to where you want to be.

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